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Tron’s technical team held a live stream on Periscope at PST 6:30 p.m, Feb 11th, 2018. For a non-technical person, it can be challenging to grasp what’s going on. In this article, TronLive will sum up the main points of the live stream in layman’s terms so everyone else can understand Tron better. ...

Tron weekly report 02.03–02.09 Spanish version

2018-02-12 13:46:09 by Tron Labs


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2018-02-20 06:19:04 by /u/cryptothrice

Asclepius Tron

2018-02-19 19:03:02 by /u/amos1994

OCN to oBike very soon

2018-02-19 16:09:36 by /u/bignac1

General Information

TRON protocol is the blockchain’s entertainment system of free content, in which TRX, TRON’s coin, is circulated. Its native economic system enables an unprecedented one-on-one interaction between providers of digital entertainment content and ordinary users. Therefore, content providers will no longer need to pay high channel fees to centralized platforms like Google Play and Apple’s AppA Store. Also, providers of content such as texts, pictures, videos, and broadcasts, will break the curse that popularity and hits cannot create cash.

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